• If your looking for a place that will help motivate you to get into great shape, this is the spot. The instructors are dedicated, they care about their customers and most of all are passionate about what they do. They have multiple programs to fit anyones level, from boxing to weightlifting they make everyone feel part of the family. This gym is truly a gem for anyone who needs that extra push to improve their body and health id highly recommend it to my family and friends!

    Jonathan Bucci
  • When I first started I was a bit nervous as I’m not in the best shape, but the coaches put me right at ease and encouraged me from the start. It’s been 3 1/2 months since I started and the changes I’m seeing are fantastic. Starting Krav Maga classes with NW was the best decision of my life!

    I would highly recommend NW to anyone of any fitness level. The coaches are knowledgeable and passionate, and they push you to be better. My other classmates are kind and helpful with tips or encouragement.

    This is the first time I joined a gym and found a community/family feeling, and where they always greet you by name when you walk through the door. I think with NW’s help my lifestyle change to fit and healthy may actually stick this time.

    Stacey Coviello
  • This is the best gym anyone could ever go to. The coaches are helpful, they push you but don't make you feel bad for not being able to do an exercise. Coaches always have an alternative exercise if any injuries make you incapable or uncomfortable doing the chosen exercise. They've made me and my mom feel so welcomed and at home. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get in shape, have fun, and create new family to join.

    Alex Holmes
  • Great place, Great Atmosphere, Awesome coaches. Juan, Alexis and Michael you guys are awesome. Great place to workout. New World is the best place to workout, get fit and learn stuff.

    Shravan Singh
  • Great staff, great workout ! I was looking for good place to work out for quite some time and as soon as I found out about NewWorld - my search was over. Very professional, educational and fun...every Time!

    Oren Gottesman
  • People here are so inspirational, caring, and challenge me to be all that I can be. This is the best gym I have ever belonged to.

    Andrea Engman Bussiere
  • My wife and I CrossFit 4-6 days/week. We were traveling from WI and decided to try out there Krav Maga class for beginners. It was an awesome atmosphere for learning and it was an awesome workout! Alexis is an amazing coach! I would recommend stopping in and trying something new and/or sticking with your CrossFit workouts.

    Jesse Wiesner
  • This place is legit! A great family feeling and solid fitness knowledge drive this gym. Once you are part of it, you won't want to go anywhere else.

    My family and I have been training at this gym for nearly three years now. It is a great gym, with diverse training options: Boxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, Kettlebell Sport, Crossfit, etc. The owners, Juan & his wife Alexis are constantly working to make the gym the best it can be. They care about each of their members like family. This gym is literally their life.

    They take pride in selecting and training excellent coaches & trainers for their programs. Coaches conduct themselves professionally, provide an atmosphere of acceptance, and are great resources for information to supplement or support your goals. Unlike other gyms that can have an atmosphere that is uncomfortable, cliquish, or overly competitive, New World really does offer a different feeling.

    If you are looking for a top notch fitness facility that offers a wide variety of training options alongside others who are friendly, motivated and committed to their goals, New World is the place for you.

    Rachel McIntyre
  • I was a former bodybuilder and power lifter and NEVER thought Crossfit could be for me... until New World. All I needed was to walk in one time, feel the energy and meet the people and I was sold. Juan and Alexis are just amazing, whole hearted, genuine and knowledgeable people who will make you feel so comfortable regardless of your skill. New World is unlike any other Crossfit boxes I have been to or have seen... There is no judgement and everyone is so encouraging and loving. As we all know, you can find barbells and weights at any gym, Crossfit box or training studio but you will NOT find coaches or a family like New World.

    Stephanie Caraballo
  • This place is saving my life. Awesome coaches and owners. If you are looking for a gym that will affect a positive change, this is it.

    Aarron Szalacinski


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