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    5/5/2019 at 1 pm
    **IF THE REGISTRANT IS UNDER 18, THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OF THE REGISTRANT MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM AND MUST BE PRESENT DURING THE INTRO CLASS** This is a 2 hour workshop in which we will review the whole Level 1 curriculum. If you are planning on testing, it will give you an idea of what you need to work on. If you are new to Krav Maga and simply want to see the whole Level 1 curriculum, this is your chance. Note: There is a minimum of 6 registered students to hold the seminar. Register HERE! ....

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    Blog by Mark Slane, USKMA's Chief Instructor. You will never hear us say that krav is better than any other system. They all have some merit. We only claim to be best at getting people from zero self defense skills-wise to being able to truly protect themselves faster than anything else. When I am shown other handgun or knife defenses, for example, I see some that are good and make sense but would need too many hours to become proficient with. The IDF only had soldiers in boot camp for six weeks…and they had to become proficient enough at everything to not get killed by the end! Most martial artists would admit that if you would spend three months in their art that you wouldn’t ....

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    Blog by Mark Slane, Chief Instructor for the USKMA. When I teach new instructors I have a lecture I give about real world violence. One of the things that I talk about is that we aren’t trying to instill a code of ethics, chivalry, honor or rules. If we have “honorable” rules like “never strike first”, “never inflict more harm than needed”, “always fight with honor”, etc. we are putting our practitioners behind the eight ball. If the scum bags don’t have rules we are hampering ourselves if we do. If the bad guys are going to use violence as a weapon we need to perfect violence and be more ruthless than the scum bags. If we are in a ....

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