I just got done reading a book I highly recommend titled NO GREATER ALLY by Kenneth Koskodan. This book tells the (until now) untold story of Poland’s struggle during World War II. Very informative and a travesty that the story has been largely ignored and hidden. The one theme that the book mentioned over and over is how the German’s hated coming up against the Polish troops. The Poles were notorious for ignoring their own safety to kill Germans. They would charge through the teeth of the battle and ignore the machine gun fire and artillery (that had other troops turning back) to kill their enemy. They volunteered for the dangerous assignments and cheered when they got them. In the air the Germans’ always knew when it was the Poles flying against them because they would do things other airmen wouldn’t. They would fly straight at the German aircraft through withering fire and not fire themselves until they were closer than any other pilots dared be. They wanted to make sure their bullets were effective. When they were outnumbered it didn’t effect them whatsoever, as others fled they fought on.

Why did these men have no fear? The truth is that they probably felt fear as much as any other men. They felt fear but their great rage and hatred for the Nazis overshadowed the fear. They weren’t any braver than other soldiers but they had family in Poland being raped, tortured and slaughtered by the Nazis. The Germans were especially brutal in Poland. Upon advancing in Poland they executed anyone they thought was influential. They killed every military officer, clergyman, teacher, professor, priest, business owner, etc. the minute they found them. They raped and pillaged the land and sent young people to slave labor camps where they would be worked to death. If one German soldier was assassinated by the underground they would round up a hundred men, women and children and execute them in public for payback. The Polish soldiers knew every second they could shorten the war by killing these hated people the more Polish lives they would spare.

This is what I have talked about in the past few blogs…going off with “hatred and rage”. SGT Samford Strong’s great book STRONG ON DEFENSE talks about this very idea. He has interviews with many crime victims in this book and states that the one’s who seem to have the greatest odds of avoiding the horrendous crime are the one’s who fight back with hatred and rage. Those who ignored the injury or the threat of injury and got mad were the ones who fought back with such ferocity that they got away. The Scum Bag is looking for a victim, not a fight. When it’s go time we have to go with such rage and anger that there is no room for fear. One story in the SGT’s book is about a woman who woke up in bed with a would be rapist on top of her and a knife against her throat. She ignored his “do what I say or I will kill you”, grabbed the blade of the knife with her hands and fought and kicked and screamed until he eventually fled. As she was being taken to the hospital to get her hands stitched up she was asked if she were afraid. She said that if she was afraid she would have just laid there and been a victim. She says all she felt was anger and rage that someone would do this to her and she became a crazed woman who would have to be killed before she would submit. This is what we are talking about!

The martial arts and their Zen way of thinking makes sense in some areas. The training on techniques and the slow pace of classes has it’s benefits. Self defense just isn’t one of them. We train the way we do in Krav for a specific reason. There is a saying “Violence of action trumps technique”. I often say in class that I would rather you go off right now and hard with the wrong technique than hesitantly use the correct technique. Going “loony” and “animal” is much more effective than doing a perfect technique half assed! Violence of action absolutely trumps technique…every time! We exhaust people, run stress drills and run testing past most people’s breaking point for a reason. We train them to not look at how big or mean the bad guy is, or how many there are, but to get mean, look at only targets and attack, attack, attack! When they need this mental attitude in the real world they have been there. BE SAFE!

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