Most frequently asked questions

​What can I expect in a Krav Maga level 1 class?

You can expect to learn valuable self defense skills and get a great workout at the same time! You'll learn combatives like punching, kicking, elbows and knees, plus self defense techniques like getting out of a choke or bear hug. All in a way that’s designed to prepare you for real-world self defense application.

​What can I expect from a Krav Maga intro lesson?​

The intro is about 30 minutes long and will cover a bit of the history of Krav Maga, as well as give you an opportunity to learn and practice a few key combatives such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows. This is so that you're familiar with some of the terms once class begins. On the day of your intro appointment, you'll come for the 30-minute intro lesson and stay immediately after to participate in a Krav Maga level 1 class, so be prepared to spend at least 90 minutes with us that day. Be sure to dress comfortably as you would to work out. Intros are offered weekly.

​What should I wear to my intro or to class?

Wear comfortable clothes such as sweats, shorts or "yoga" pants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Shoes are recommended for class, as this is real-world self defense training and you'll likely be wearing shoes if and when you need to use the skills you learn in class.

​Do I need to schedule an intro?

Yes, we prefer that you make an appointment for your intro class so we know how many new students to expect.

​How does pricing work?

We offer several different membership options to accommodate a variety of needs. We will review membership options including pricing and class schedules with you after your intro lesson, so that you've had an opportunity to experience the class and meet our staff and students.

​What are your hours?

Our gym is open 30 minutes before classes.

​Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Nearly all of our instructors are available for private instruction at hourly rates separate from our membership fees.

​Do you put on seminars for special groups?

Absolutely! We can work with you and your group to develop a seminar that addresses your specific self defense and fitness goals.

​I'm concerned about my age or my current level of fitness. Do I have to be young and in-shape to come to class? Do I need previous martial arts experience?

No! One of the great things about Krav Maga is that it was designed to work for anyone, regardless of their age, athletic ability or level of experience. Self defense is not about being the fittest, most athletic person, it's about being able to protect yourself at whatever your current life stage is. Similarly, CrossFit is scaleable for nearly any fitness level, so it's a great functional fitness program for our members of all ages, shapes and sizes. If you want to get into better shape, all of our classes will get you there while teaching you valuable skills.

​Is there a belt system? How long does it take to advance between levels?

We follow the United States Krav Maga Association curriculum, which has 5 levels before black belt. The length of time it takes a student to progress between levels depends largely on the student. The system was designed to be learned quickly and retained easily, so you'll be a formidable opponent in a shorter time than many traditional martial arts. ​

​​Are these classes just for men or just for women?

No. Krav Maga was designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, where men and women have to be able to protect themselves in all situations, so that’s how our program works too. The one exception is our monthly free self defense for women class.

​Can my child train with me?

The youngest student we accept in our adult program is 16, and that is on a case-by-case basis. Our classes are intense and sometimes cover mature subject matter that may be sensitive to younger students.

​What should I do if I call and don't get an answer?

Leave a message! The gym phone is manned by employees who also teach classes, attend meetings and training, as well as do normal people stuff like eat lunch. Someone will call you back if you leave a message. You can also reach us by email through our contact form.

​Can I come watch a class?

You are welcome to stop in to any of our locations any time there are classes on the schedule (click here for schedules). The best way to get a feel for it, though, is to come to an intro class. ​

​Are there competitions in Krav Maga?

Definitely not. Krav Maga is not a sport, it's a self defense system.

​Do you offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA?

We offer Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Gi and no-Gi.

​Do your students compete in BJJ, MMA or Muay Thai?

We don't compete as a school, but we do have students and instructors who pursue the sport of fighting on their own.

​Do your CrossFit classes follow the WOD?

No. Our CrossFit instructors are wonderfully creative, skilled people who write their own programming. We encourage you to do the mainsite WOD if you can't make it to the gym to train with your friends!

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