One Percent Better Every Day

Everyone has a different definition of what it means to be a good person. Some might think that if you’re not constantly helping others, you aren’t a good person, while others believe that our actions define who we are and our everyday routine. We all want to be better people.

But how do you become a better person? 1% at a time!

The first step is acknowledging your goal of becoming a better person and then working on achieving it. One way to work on this goal is by following these five steps:   

  • Step one: Identify something about yourself that you wish was different or could change. 
  • Step two: Write down three ways you feel like this difference would positively affect your life if achieved.
  • Step three: think about what steps are necessary for changing said trait, and write them down.
  • Step four: It doesn’t have to feel like an obligation; just start by making yourself aware of your intention for what you want from your day, then take action accordingly. 

That means waking up and deciding you’re going to try your best to do something today, even if it’s small, that will make you a little bit closer on your path towards becoming the person you want to be. Some days this might mean working out or meditating for 15 minutes before work; other days, it may mean being more conscious of what you say in conversation with someone else. It may be as simple as making sure to get enough sleep or going on a walk outside every morning. You can start by making one small change today and then another tomorrow until they become part of your routine. The idea behind this concept is that if you are doing something 1% better than the previous day, over time, it will add up significantly in terms of productivity or success. It might seem insignificant when viewed individually, but when compounded together over days, weeks, months, and years it has enormous potential for improvement 1% better each day is a way to make progress without feeling like you’re taking on too much.

Theoretically speaking, if you did this for 365 days in a row, then over time, what seemed like small changes would add up and compound into something significant.

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